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Ближний и дальний круг знакомых Майкла. Предполагаемые участники и посвященные в хоакс./The inner circle of Michael Jackson. People that are supposed to be in the know, insiders involved in the hoax.

Дэвид Гест / David Gest

Дэвид Гест / David Gest

#1  Сообщение Белая роза » 23 июн 2011, 12:13

Michael Jackson Documentary from Old Pal David Gest Gets Screened
http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/06/02/mi ... s-screened

Remember David Gest, Michael Jackson’s bff and Liza Minnelli‘s one time husband, he of the Shirley Temple shrine
in his home and the waxed eyebrows? Well, he’s back. Gest has made a
documentary about Jackson called “The Real Michael Jackson.” He screened
it recently in Los Angeles for a select group that included Smokey Robinson, Angie Dickinson, and Katherine Jackson and her son, Tito.
The source I spoke to says the documentary is pretty good mainly
because it includes lots of rare footage of Michael and the Jacksons.
How Gest got the rights to the footage, I don’t know. He does have plans
to release the doc in the UK. Here’s the copy from the invite he sent
out, I’ve reprinted it with typos:


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Дэвид Гест/David Gest

#2  Сообщение Trueamore » 31 авг 2011, 18:55

http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/st ... ie_1242781

Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson's Life Examined In New Movie

A new film on Michael Jackson promises to reveal "the many different facets of his personality".

'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' directed by Andrew Eastel and produced by Michael's close childhood friend David Gest, involves interviews with more than 50 of his closest friends and family members and is set to reveal what his family went through during his molestation trial in 2005.

Along with a rare interview with Michael's eldest sister Rebbie, where she speaks about his difficult relationship with their father Joe, the movie will also provide insight into the singer's early years with the Jackson 5, his solo career and his life up to his sudden death from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009.

Michael's mother Katherine said: "'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' is a truly remarkable film that captures the true character, wit and sensitivity of my son. Producer David Gest takes you on an emotional roller coaster that will bring people to tears as well as really understand who the man behind the music was and is."

David added: "I have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past fifteen months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this film will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this film reveals the many different facets of his personality."

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Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon

#3  Сообщение Lina » 02 сен 2011, 11:34

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon - official trailer launch

Новый фильм о Майкле: "Майкл Джексон: Жизнь Иконы". Выйдет на DVD и Блюрэй 31 Октября 2011 года.


Not just another Michael Jackson movie, 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' is the creation and brain-child of MJ's friend David Gest, who produced and narrated the documentary with unprecedented access to Michael's inner family, including interviews with his mother, Katherine.

The documentary focuses on stories from the star’s closest friends and family relaying public and private memories and stories from the entertainer’s life including never-before-seen family photos and performance footage. The film also looks at the difficult times during Michael’s life including the moment an arrest warrant was ordered and how the molestation trial impacted all their lives in 2005.

Michael’s mother Katherine says, "Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a truly remarkable film that captures the true character, wit and sensitivity of my son. Producer David Gest takes you on an emotional roller coaster that will bring people to tears as well as really understand who the man behind the music was and is."

http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/blog/article ... aunch.html

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

#4  Сообщение Admin » 10 июл 2012, 19:20

Дэвид Гест сыграет монстра

David Gest is making his stage debut as Frankenstein's Monster in a new comedy-horror stage musical.
The I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star will tread the boards in A Nightmare On Lime Street at Liverpool's Royal Court theatre and is set to be joined by Michael Jackson's mum Katherine, his brother Tito Jackson and sister Rebbie Jackson in a special charity gala performance.
David said: "I sang a couple of my numbers from the show on the phone last night to Dionne Warwick and Smokey Robinson and they were both shocked that I was actually in key. So was I for that matter!"
Tito added: "David is a complete natural for a role as a monster who wants to be a Broadway star. I'm sure he'll put all his effort into making this a huge success and, let's face it, everyone in the UK knows he is very funny!"
Sister Sledge will also star in the show, written by Fred Lawless, and set in the Liverpool Museum, where curator Frankenstein is surprised when his latest monster turns out to be American and very polite and well behaved.
David will star as the monster-in-training for nine weeks from Friday 23 November 2012.
The late King of Pop's family will guest star in the special charity gala performance of the show on Sunday December 2, followed by a dinner and auction featuring items once owned by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

В двух словах - Семья его поддерживает, Тито рассыпается в любезностях - ах, как он прекрасно поет, а мама и Рэбби собираются на гала - концерт, после которого будет ужин и аукцион, на котором будут продаваться вещи, принадлежащие в том числе и Майклу Джексону

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Michael Jackson’s will is a fake, says pal David Gest

#5  Сообщение Trueamore » 28 окт 2012, 16:39

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sh ... -fake.html

Michael Jackson’s will is a fake, says pal David Gest

MICHAEL Jackson’s oldest pal has waded into the bitter family war over his will — by branding it a FAKE.

Reality TV veteran David Gest is seething about the way the King of Pop’s estimated £1billion legacy is being handled by powerful lawyers.

He spoke as the Jackson clan tore themselves apart over his fortune — and his siblings were left nothing.

David, best friend of Jacko for 40 years, said: “There’s a lot of questions about the will.

“One of the things people are wondering is how Michael was supposed to have signed that will in LA — when supposedly he was in New York that day.

“If he was in New York, how could he have signed it in LA?”


David’s accusation echoes claims by some of Jacko’s furious brothers and sisters, who say there is evidence he was with family friend Al Sharpton in New York on June 7, 2002.

That is the day he is meant to have put his signature on his will. Some family members also claim the initial copy of the will they saw did not have a signature page on it.

The terms of the document leave sole control of his estate, growing by millions every day from posthumous record sales, to two lawyers.

One is flashy John Branca, the other John McLain, a music chief at Interscope Records.

David, who organised Jacko’s 30th anniversary concert in 2001, went on: “I know the family weren’t happy.

“They probably thought they would be running the estate. But it was left to John Branca, who Michael had just gotten back with.”

The Thriller hitmaker’s relatives are still battling for a cut of his estate three years after his death.

Estate executors have branded claims that the will is bogus as “defamatory” — and the courts are satisfied it is above board.

But Michael’s sister Janet, 46, and brothers Randy, 50, and Jermaine, 57, have been fighting to overthrow the executors, claiming his 2002 will is “fake, flawed and fraudulent”.

Other family members — including TJ, son of Michael’s brother Tito, and Jacko’s cousin Trent — are siding with the lawyers.

David said of Tito: “He’s one of my best friends. He never took anything from Michael, and never wanted to.”

The feud exploded into a shocking scene earlier this year.

Janet, Randy and Jermaine arrived at the California home where Jacko’s three kids Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, ten, are living with their frail grandmother Katherine.

They are said to have turned up to persuade Jacko’s kids to side with them over the will dispute.

But when the children resisted, Janet is said to have slapped Paris.

Insiders say the confrontation descended into a “bar brawl”.

Katherine, 82, also disappeared earlier this year with some of the star’s relatives — leaving his distraught kids fearing she had been kidnapped. David told The Sun Katherine just went for a rest to escape the feud. But he admitted it was wrong that Jacko’s children had access to her cut off.

He said: “Was it the wisest decision? No. The kids obviously panicked — justifiably so. They should have been able to speak to her. The family need to heal and come together as a unit.”

Katherine looked after Jackson’s children after his death. As tensions mounted within the family, a judge put TJ in charge. But she and the youngsters will always be well looked after under the terms of Jacko’s controversial will.

When the singer died of an overdose of surgical anaesthetic in 2009, his finances were in chaos. His uncontrollable spending on luxuries left him £250million in debt.

But a boom in record sales after he died and constant income from a Beatles back catalogue he bought in 1985 have generated massive wealth.

The income easily provides for the rent of Katherine’s £8million home in Calabasas, California, school and medical fees and a £50,000 a month allowance for his children.

David insisted that Katherine still has a massive role in the children’s lives. He added: “I talk to Katherine once a week and I love her. She’s like a second mum to me.

“She lost her son. Usually a child buries a mother, not a mother burying her son. It affects her deeply. They were very close.

“She loves Michael’s children. And I think she’s trying to be a good mother to them. She’s strict. I know she’s grounded them at times when they do things she feels are wrong.”

David, 59 — who will play Frankenstein’s monster in Liverpool next month — brushed aside the fact that Katherine turned a blind eye to the abuse Jacko said his disciplinarian dad Joe doled out as he grew up.

He said: “Katherine was a great mother. She’s a very strong woman and she was probably closest to her son because they were so similar in the way they did things.

“She instilled a lot of values in her children. And especially in Michael.

“Joe was a disciplinarian to give his children a better life. That’s why Michael was so close to his mother.” David added kind Katherine wanted to speak to the mother of Dr Conrad Murray, the medic found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after an overdose of the hospital sedative propofol killed Jacko.

He said: “Katherine felt very bad for his mum. She told me she knew what she was going through.” But David is not so forgiving of Murray.

He added: “My best friend died because he gave him drugs he wasn’t supposed to give him. So I think he’s getting what he deserves.” The Sun revealed last week that Murray, 59, caged for four years, could be free by Christmas.

His legal team are fighting for him to do community service instead. David said: “It would be a travesty of justice to have him released so early.”

And he insists Jacko was not capable of the child abuse allegations that plagued him.

He said: “I knew the man. He wouldn’t touch a child. He was proved innocent. Did he like having children around? Yes. Did children sit on the bed and watch TV? Yes.

“But he would never do anything to a child.” David knew Jacko from the age of nine. And the star was best man at his wedding to Liza Minnelli in 2002.

He said it all went wrong for Jacko after a freak accident in 1984, in which his hair was set on fire during the making of a Pepsi commercial.

It sent him on a downward spiral of bad business deals and drug addiction. David said: “He was in pain. ”

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

#6  Сообщение Liberian Girl » 01 июл 2014, 01:36


Будет запущен новый мюзикл о Роберте Бёрнсе, написанный Королем поп-музыки Майклом Джексоном.

Jun 16, 2014 12:18
By Scotland Now


Мюзикл, который демонстрирует произведения и жизнь поэта, будет возрожден музыкальным продюсером Дэвидом Гестом после того, как он нашел песни написанные покойным Майклом Джексоном.

Покойный Майкл Джексон вдохновил на новый мюзикл по мотивам произведений Роберта Бёрнса.

Король поп-музыки вместе со своим давним другом и музыкальным продюсером Дэвидом Гестом планировал отобразить поэзию и жизнь шотландского поэта в шоу на сцене еще в 90-х годах.

Однако, Гест возродит несостоявшееся шоу после того, как он нашел песни написанные Джексоном, а шотландский актер Джон Бэрроумэн должен сыграть главную роль.

Гест сказал: «Я нашел записи того времени около четырех месяцев назад. Это будет другая постановка, но она так и остается историей о Бёрнсе.»

«Ведется работа по пересмотру сценария и саундтрека.»

Кастинг для ‘One Fond Kiss’ начнется в конце месяца, а само шоу, как ожидается, откроется в Лоссимуте в следующем году.

Предполагается, что в новой постановке, которая является результатом сотрудничества между музыкальным продюсером и Rock Academy College, Гест выступит в главной роли как Тэм О'Шентер* .


Идея оригинального шоу появилась 20 лет назад, когда Джексон предложил Гесту использовать семейную студию звукозаписи в Калифорнии.

Они тогда собрали саундтрек к оригинальному мюзиклу ‘Red Red Rose’, основанному на жизни Бёрнса. Это были песни взятые из 12 поэм поэта.

Гест сказал: «Мы нашли его поэзию такой волнующей и его жизнь настолько увлекательная.»

Но после того, как режиссер шоу, звезда (фильма) ‘Psycho’ Энтони Перкинс умер позже в том же году, проект так никогда и не сдвинулся с мертвой точки .

http://www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.u ... en-3703715

*Прочесть повесть «Tam O’Shanter», которая планируется быть частью мюзикла, на русском можно здесь http://www.politika.su/lit/burns/tamosh.html


Когда на город ляжет тень
И кончится базарный день,
И продавцы бегут, задвинув
Засовом двери магазинов,
И нас кивком сосед зовет
Стряхнуть ярмо дневных забот, -

Тогда у полной бочки эля,
Вполне счастливые от хмеля,
Мы не считаем верст, канав,
Мостков, опасных переправ
До нашего родного крова,
Где ждет жена, храня сурово
Свой гнев, как пламя очага,
Чтоб мужа встретить, как врага.

Об этом думал Тэм О'Шентер
Когда во тьме покинул центр
Излюбленного городка,
Где он наклюкался слегка.
А город, где он нализался -
Старинный Эйр, - ему казался
Гораздо выше всех столиц
По красоте своих девиц.

О Тэм! забыл ты о совете
Своей супруги - мудрой Кэтти.
А ведь она была права...
Припомни, Тэм, ее слова:

"Бездельник, шут, пропойца старый,
Не пропускаешь ты базара,
Чтобы не плюхнуться под стол.
Ты пропил с мельником помол.
Чтоб ногу подковать кобыле,
Вы с кузнецом две ночи пили.
Ты в праздник ходишь в божий дом,
Чтобы потом за полной кружкой
Ночь просидеть с церковным служкой
Или нарезаться с дьячком!
Смотри же: в полночь ненароком
Утонешь в омуте глубоком
Иль попадешь в гнездо чертей
У старой церкви Аллоуэй!"

О жены! Плакать я готов,
Припомнив, сколько мудрых слов
Красноречивейшей морали
Мы без вниманья оставляли...
Но продолжаем повесть. Тэм
Сидел в трактире перед тем.
Трещало в очаге полено.
Над кружками клубилась пена,
И слышался хрустальный звон.
Его сосед - сапожник Джон -
Был верный друг его до гроба:
Не раз под стол валились оба!

Так проходил за часом час.
А в очаге огонь не гас.
Шел разговор. Гремели песни.
Эль становился все чудесней.
И Тэм О'Шентер через стол
Роман с трактирщицей завел.
Они обменивались взглядом,
Хотя супруг сидел с ней рядом.
Но был он, к счастью, погружен
В рассказ, который начал Джон,

И, голос Джона прерывая,
Гремел, как туча грозовая.
То дождь, то снег хлестал в окно,
Но пьяным было все равно!

Заботы в кружках потонули,
Минута каждая плыла,
Как пролетающая в улей
Перегруженная пчела.
Блажен король. Но кружка с пивом
Любого делает счастливым!

Но счастье - точно маков цвет:
Сорвешь цветок - его уж нет.
Часы утех подобны рою
Снежинок легких над рекою.
Примчатся к нам на краткий срок
И прочь летят, как ветерок.
Так исчезает, вспыхнув ярко,
На небе радужная арка...

Всему на свете свой черед.
И Тэм из-за стола встает.

Седлает клячу он во мраке.
Кругом не слышно и собаки.
Не позавидуешь тому,
Кто должен мчаться в эту тьму!

Дул ветер из последних сил,
И град хлестал, и ливень лил,
И вспышки молний тьма глотала,
И небо долго грохотало...
В такую ночь, как эта ночь,
Сам дьявол погулять не прочь.

Но поворот за поворотом, -
О'Шентер мчался по болотам.
Рукой от бури заслонясь,
Он несся вдаль, взметая грязь.

То шляпу он сжимал в тревоге,
То пел сонеты по дороге,
То зорко вглядывался в тьму,
Где черт мерещился ему...

Вот, наконец, неясной тенью
Мелькнула церковь в отдаленье.
Оттуда слышался, как зов,
Далекий хор чертей и сов.

Невдалеке - знакомый брод.
Когда-то здесь у этих вод
В глухую ночь на берегу
Торговец утонул в снегу.

Здесь у прибрежных этих скал
Пропойца голову сломал.

Там - под поникшею ракитой -
Младенец найден был зарытый.

А дальше - тот засохший дуб,
Где женщины качался труп...

Разбуженная непогодой,
Река во тьме катила воды.
Кругом гремел тяжелый гром,
Змеился молнии излом.
И невдали за перелеском,
Озарена туманным блеском,
Меж глухо стонущих ветвей
Открылась церковь Аллоуэй.
Неслись оттуда стоны, крики,
И свист, и визг, и хохот дикий.

Ах Джон ячменное Зерно!
В твоем огне закалено,
Оживлено твоею чашей,
Не знает страха сердце наше.
От кружки мы полезем в ад.
За чаркой нам сам черт не брат!

А Тэм О'Шентер был под мухой
И не боялся злого духа,
Но клячу сдвинуть он не мог,
Пока движеньем рук и ног,
Угрозой, ласкою и силой
Не победил свою кобылу.
Она дрожа пошла к вратам.
О боже! Что творилось там!..

Толпясь, как продавцы на рынке,
Под трубы, дудки и волынки
Водили адский хоровод
Колдуньи, ведьмы всех пород.
И не кадриль они плясали,
Не новомодный котильон,
Что привезли к нам из Версаля,
Не танцы нынешних времен,
А те затейливые танцы,
Что знали старые шотландцы:
Взлетали, топнув каблуком.
Вертелись по полу волчком.

На этом празднике полночном
На подоконнике восточном
Сидел с волынкой старый Ник
И выдувал бесовский джиг.

Все веселей внизу плясали.
И вдруг гроба, открывшись встали,
И в каждом гробе был скелет
В истлевшем платье прошлых лет.

Все мертвецы держали свечи.
Один мертвец широкоплечий
Чуть звякнул кольцами оков,
И понял Тэм, кто он таков.

Тут были крошечные дети,
Что мало пожили на свете
И умерли, не крещены,
В чем нет, конечно, их вины...
Тут были воры и злодеи
В цепях, с веревкою на шее.
При них орудья грабежа:
Пять топоров и три ножа,
Одна подвязка, чье объятье
Прервало краткий век дитяти.
Один кинжал, хранивший след
Отцеубийства древних лет:
Навеки к острию кинжала
Седая прядь волос пристала...
Но тайну остальных улик
Не в силах рассказать язык.

И Тэм и Мэг - его кобыла -
Видали все, что в церкви было,
Безмолвно стоя у дверей.

Кружились ведьмы все быстрей,
Неслись вприпрыжку и вприскочку,
Гуськом, кружком и в одиночку,
То парами, то сбившись в кучу,
И пар стоял над ними тучей.
Потом разделись и в белье
Плясали на своем тряпье.

Будь эти пляшущие тетки
Румянощекие красотки,
И будь у теток на плечах
Взамен фланелевых рубах
Сорочки ткани белоснежной,
Стан обвивающие нежно,
Клянусь, отдать я был бы рад
За их улыбку или взгляд
Не только сердце или душу,
Но и штаны свои из плюша,
Свои последние штаны,
Уже не первой новизны.

А эти ведьмы древних лет,
Свой обнажившие скелет,
Живые жерди и ходули
Во мне нутро перевернули!

Но Тэм нежданно разглядел
Среди толпы костлявых тел,
Обтянутых гусиной кожей,
Одну бабенку помоложе!
Как видно, на бесовский пляс
Она явилась в первый раз.
(Потом молва о ней гремела:
Она и скот губить умела,
И корабли пускать на дно,
И портить в колосе зерно!)

Она была в рубашке тонкой,
Которую еще девчонкой
Носила, и давно была
Рубашка ветхая мала.
Не знала бабушка седая,
Сорочку внучке покупая,
Что внучка в ней плясать пойдет
В пустынный храм среди болот,
Что бесноваться будет Нэнни
Среди чертей и привидений...

Но музу должен я прервать.
Ей эта песня не под стать,
Не передаст она, как ловко
Плясала верткая чертовка,
Как на пороге бедный Тэм
Стоял недвижен, глух и нем,
А дьявол, потеряв рассудок,
Свирепо дул в десяток дудок.

Но вот прыжок, еще прыжок -
И удержаться Тэм не мог.
Он прохрипел, вздыхая тяжко:
"Ах ты, короткая рубашка!.."
И в тот же миг прервался пляс,
И замер крик, и свет погас...

Но только тронул Тэм поводья,
Завыло адское отродье...
Как мчится пчел гудящий рой,
Когда встревожен их покой,
Как носится пернатых стая,
От лап кошачьих улетая,
Иль как народ со всех дворов
Бежит на крик "Держи воров!" -

Так Мэгги от нечистой силы
Насилу ноги уносила
Через канаву, пень, бугор,
Во весь галоп, во весь опор...

О Тэм! Как жирную селедку,
Тебя швырнуть на сковородку.
Напрасно ждет тебя жена:
Вдовой останется она.
Не сдобровать твоей кобыле, -
Ее бока в поту и в мыле.

О Мэг! Скорей беги на мост, -
И покажи нечистым хвост, -
Боятся ведьмы, бесы, черти
Воды текучей, точно смерти!

Увы, еще перед мостом
Пришлось ей повертеть хвостом.
Как вздрогнула она, бедняжка,
Когда Короткая Рубашка,
Вдруг вынырнув из-за куста,
Вцепилась ей в репей хвоста...

В последний раз собравшись с силой,
Рванулась добрая кобыла,
Взлетела на скрипучий мост,
Чертям оставив серый хвост.

Ах, после этой страшной ночи
Во много раз он стал короче!

На этом кончу я рассказ.
Но если кто-нибудь из вас
Прельстится полною баклажкой
Или Короткою Рубашкой, -

Пусть вспомнит ночь, и дождь, и снег,
И старую кобылу Мэг!..
Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

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David Gest Withdraws from Robert Burns Musical Co-Created With Michael Jackson

Producer David Gest, the ex-husband of entertainment icon Liza Minnelli, has withdrawn from a Scottish production of Robert Burns The Musical, according to The Scottsman.

Gest, who was to play a small cameo role as Tam O' Shanter in the musical that takes a contemporary look at the life of poet Burns, initially became involved when he put together a soundtrack for the show along with late pop icon Michael Jackson in the 1990's.

Robert Burns The Musical features songs adapted from Burns' poetry. It was inspired by an idea from Gest and Jackson. Tish Tindall has since worked to bring the production to the stage.

Gest, according to the Scottsman, has withdrawn from the production due to conflicts with a filming schedule.

"David has made every effort to move his filming commitment but unfortunately the TV company have a very strict schedule to adhere to which they are unable to change," a representative for Gest told The Scottsman.

"David would like to wish the rest of the cast every success with the production and is looking forward to appearing with you at a later stage in the production."
Tindall will narrate the Jan. 25 performance at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen. It promises an "undiscovered Scottish cast."

Now in a new incarnation, the musical first premiered in 1996 as Red Red Rose, starring John Barrowman.

Here's how the musical is billed: "Robert Burns is alive and well and living in the modern world! A genius with weakness. A womaniser? Yes, but a cheat? No. For all his talents and all his faults, the man’s a man - a real hot blooded man searching for comfort, searching for love and striving for success. Too much is never enough when you are searching for a pride of worth but our 21st century boy loses his way when fame brings Robert Burns a celebrity status. Every day trials ('bush tucker' included) and tribulations leave Robert constantly in the spotlight and constantly judged (especially by 'Simone Powell'…come on you can work it out!) Weathered by the crippling elements of social media exposure, the People's Poet is left with no choice. He has to look to his past to see the way forward. A Prince can make a belted Knight but an honest man - well he can make a difference. Robert Burns The Musical is hilarious, harrowing and heart warming. It speaks to you - it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you will finally understand the man you raise a glass to, for auld lang syne."

Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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Re: Дэвид Гест / David Gest

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David Gest Says He & MJ Would go on autograph hunts / Дэвид Гест говорит, что они с МД ходили на охоту за автографами

Article Written By portsmouth.co.uk

A few years ago I was looking over a box of bric-a-brac that a couple brought in for valuation.

One of the items they took out was a framed bank cheque from the prestigious Coutts Bank, dated around 1860 and made out to a firm of solicitors for the sum of £10.

I was blown away by his collection of letters, autographs and memorabilia.

The couple thought it might have a little value, but I was looking at the signature that they hadn’t been able to decipher. I identified it as that of Charles Dickens, having seen a facsimile version of it many times before on the title pages of his books.

The couple were very pleased when we auctioned it for £500.

I will never forget the momentary connection I felt to Dickens when handling the cheque, and it is often this feeling that drives the collector.

When I first visited the home of American music promoter, and star of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here David Gest, I was blown away by his collection of letters, autographs and memorabilia.

David has been collecting since he was a teenager, sharing this passion with friend Michael Jackson. They would often go on autograph hunts together.

Being in the music business had obviously helped David build his collection, and though he has met and worked with some of the biggest names in the business he is still passionate about signed memorabilia.

My favourite item in his collection (though possibly not his) is the wedding certificate he and his then wife Liza Minnelli had signed along with their witnesses, Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor!

When seeking autographs in person, chance favours the prepared mind and you have to grab your opportunities when they present themselves.

I was at Fratton Park some years ago when I noticed Alexi Smertin, the Russian captain on loan from Chelsea, sat two rows behind me. But my son, then aged nine, hesitated too long and Smertin left before the game ended.

But less than a year later we bumped into British boy band McFly. We were buying magic tricks in a shop at Downtown Disney, in Orlando Florida, when my son spotted them.

Read More: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/opinion/a-c ... -1-6632849

Source: portsmouth / MJ-Upbeat.com


you are in my heart forever icon_colorfulherats

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Дэвид Гест / David Gest

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Дэвид Гест скончался в возрасте 62 лет
David Gest dead: Producer and former husband of Liza Minnelli dies aged 62

The entertainer David Gest has been found dead in the Four Seasons hotel in Canary Warf, London. He was 62-years-old.

His death was confirmed by a statement from his friend and former bodyguard, Imad Handi. Mr Handi said: “It is with great sadness that I can confirm that David Gest has died today.

“David was truly larger than life. He was not just a huge talent and a dear friend but a showbiz icon.
“I know he will be missed by millions of fans around the world, and particularly in Britain, who came to love his charm and blistering one-liners.

“If I may steal the words of one eminent critic, David was a natural star and a genuine celebrity. I will miss him desperately.”

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “Police were called at 10.17am on 12 April to the Four Seasons hotel, in Westferry Circus, to reports of an unexplained death of a man in his 60s. London Ambulance Service were called to the scene. Life was pronounced extinct at the hotel.

"A post-mortem will be held in due course. Next of kin are in the process of being informed."

The producer and TV personality sparked concerns for his health in the Celebrity Big Brother house in January when he was placed into a separate room to rest after becoming unwell. He then had to leave the house after just 13 days due to unspecified medical reasons. Gest was also the fourth runner-up in the 2006 series of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, where he proved to be a popular contestant.

News of his death was met with an outpouring of grief from his friends and fellow Big Brother housemates.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in southern California, he was close friends with Michael Jackson as a child and had a relationship with Latoya Jackson as a teenager. Gest produced a documentary about Jackson starring himself, The Life of an Icon, after his friend's death in 2011. He also produced Lisa’s Back, Lisa Minnelli’s Broadway comeback, as well as the American Cinema Awards for 14 years.

Gest launched his career in entertainment aged 17 when he was hired by London Records as a West Coast Publicity Director after pretending to be 21.

“I looked that age because by then I had a beard, moustache and an afro down to my tush,” he told the Yorkshire Post in 2014. “They hired me as West Coast publicity director and the next year I became national public relations director in New York. I was handling the careers of people like Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, ZZ Top and Al Green.

“About a year later Al Green said he didn’t have a manager and needed someone to look after him so I opened my own PR and management firm and as well as managing Al I took on the Doobie Brothers and Burt Bacharach.”

He was due to begin a UK tour entitled David Gest is Not Dead, But Alive With Soul, in July.

Gest married Minnelli in 2002, although they separated in 2003.



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