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Ближний и дальний круг знакомых Майкла. Предполагаемые участники и посвященные в хоакс./The inner circle of Michael Jackson. People that are supposed to be in the know, insiders involved in the hoax.

Эстейт Майкла Джексона / Michael Jackson's Estate

Эстейт Майкла Джексона / Michael Jackson's Estate

#1  Сообщение Trueamore » 23 июн 2011, 11:09


Two years on, Jackson death still casts shadow

Two years after Michael Jackson's shock death, the mystery over exactly how he died continues to fuel legal wrangling, conspiracy theories and family strains over the King of Pop's clouded legacy.

While fans are expected to pay their respects this weekend — including by dropping red roses from the air over his famous Neverland ranch — many questions remain over his death on June 25, 2009 aged only 50.

His personal doctor Conrad Murray is still awaiting trial on manslaughter charges for allegedly giving Jackson an overdose of powerful sedative propofol to help him sleep on the fateful morning at his Beverly Hills mansion.

The trial was to have started in May, but has been delayed until September after his defense lawyers — expected to argue that Jackson effectively killed himself — said they need more time to prepare.

Days ahead of the second anniversary of his death, Jackson's sister La Toya published a new book reiterating her claim that he could have been murdered, and had voiced fears to her that he would be for financial reasons.

"I truly feel Dr Murray was simply the fall guy. I think it's too easy to blame him. I think the investigation needs to go a bit further than just stopping at Dr Murray," she said ahead of the book's publication this week.

"There are a lot of other people that are involved in this. My brother told me," she said, while declining to elaborate.

Many of the lurid details of what happened on the day Jackson died have emerged in legal wranglings over the last two years to prepare for his doctor's trial.

The controversial singer — preparing for a series of come-back concerts in London, four years after being acquitted on child sex abuse charges — was being treated for chronic insomnia including by using propofol.

The trial will center on the suggestion that Murray mistakenly administered a fatal overdose, and failed to notice in time because he was busy on the phone with a series of female friends.

The defense will reportedly argue that Jackson could have administered an extra dose of propofol by himself, while Murray was out of the room, effectively provoking his own death.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, expected to be watched closely by Jackson's millions of fans around the world, it will likely only fuel publicity for the multi-million-dollar industry based on the performer's legacy.

The official part of that legacy is managed by his executors, lawyer John Branca and accountant John McClain, named in the late singer's will, which also appointed his mother Katherine as guardian of his three children.

The estate — which controls Jackson's huge music catalogue — for example was behind the December release of "Michael," the first of what could be several posthumous albums based on material Jackson recorded before his death.

A Jackson video game has been a huge hit, while in April it teamed up with Canadian dance-based troupe Cirque du Soleil to announce a series of shows inspired by Jackson's music and dance, including a permanent one in Las Vegas.

Jackson's brother Jermaine this week launched a Michael Jackson exhibit at Madame Tussauds waxwork museum in Hollywood, including three Jackson figures from various stages of his career.

But other members of Jackson's notoriously idiosyncratic family have launched a number of project over the last two years, including a 2009 tribute concert that had to be postponed after a number of stars pulled out.

One recent such deal was between Jackson's father Joe and a French parfumier for a Jackson-branded scent. Its launch this month descended into chaos after a lawsuit was filed by Bravado, the company which holds the commercial rights to Michael Jackson's name, seeking compensation for every bottle sold.

The smell should be better this weekend, when Jackson fans will drop roses over Jackson's former Neverland ranch, during memorial flights offered by a local helicopter company to mark the second anniversary.

The Michael Jackson estate has not organised anything official to commemorate the date this year, in contrast to the first anniversary last year, although it has not ruled out making a short statement on the day.

В этом году истейт не организовал никакой официальной церемонии,чтобы почтить его память.

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Validity of Michael Jackson’s will

#2  Сообщение Trueamore » 08 авг 2012, 22:13

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2 ... wsuit.html

Validity of Michael Jackson’s will may be aired in court

The validity of Michael Jackson’s will could get a court airing next month if a business associate of the pop star’s mother gets his way.

Lawyers for a Canadian businessman who works with Katherine Jackson wrote in a filing Monday that he was “in possession of evidence that casts substantial doubt on the validity of the will” and wants to present it at federal trial set for September.

The business partner, Howard Mann, is locked in a copyright battle with the executors of the singer’s estate largely over a tribute book that he produced with Jackson’s mother.

In a filing in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Mann’s lawyers wrote he wanted to present an attack on the will’s authenticity as part of a defense to copyright infringement claims brought by executors John Branca and John McClain.

“Defendants will argue that the estate cannot produce any evidence indicating they own the assets, thereby failing the first prong of a copyright action,” the attorneys wrote.

The probate court presiding over Jackson’s estate accepted the 2002 will shortly after his death and an appellate court subsequently said the window for challenging the will had closed. The document put Jackson’s assets into a private trust run by Branca and McClain, music industry veterans and longtime Jackson advisors. The trust benefits Jackson’s three children, his mother and charities.

In recent weeks, some of his siblings, who inherited nothing, have said the will was faked and called on Branca and McClain to resign. The executors have condemned “false and defamatory accusations grounded in stale Internet conspiracy theories.”

Their attorney urged a judge last month to bar any attack on the will in front of jurors, writing that it was a settled legal issue and irrelevant to the copyright claims.

“None of this evidence would constitute a legal defense to any of the claims in this lawsuit, and are offered solely so that defendants may point to their relationship with Mrs. Jackson and argue that the estate is somehow being unfair to her,” the attorney wrote.

A hearing is set for Aug. 27.

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Michael Jackson's Estate/Эстейт Майкла Джексона

#3  Сообщение Trueamore » 10 авг 2012, 23:45

Michael Jackson Estate Scores a Major Win in Court

The Michael Jackson estate has won a major victory in court. The executors have triumphed over Howard Mann, the Canadian business man who published a book of photos with Katherine Jackson without the estate’s permission. Mann also purchased a boatload of souvenirs and Jackson family memorabilia from a warehouse owner in New Jersey. Among the items were tapes of music by Michael Jackson. Mann claimed ownership of the copyrights of those tapes even released a song from the collection. Now, with a summary judgment, the court has ruled against Mann. He’ll have to shut down his Jackson websites, especially the one selling the book of photos. Mann took a bath on that book, too. He has cartons and cartons of them somewhere. More to come…

Here’s a statement from Howard Weitzman:

A Federal Court Judge ruled today that Howard Mann cannot exploit intellectual property created by the late Michael Jackson, including trademarks, copyrights, name, likeness and image.

These assets are owned by the late singer’s Estate for the benefit of his children and mother. The Court found that Mann and his entities improperly claimed to own the assets, and intended in bad faith to profit from them using his various websites. Zia Modabber, one of the lawyers who represents the Estate in this matter states “The Court’s ruling makes clear that Howard Mann had no right to use Michael Jackson’s intellectual property for his own benefit.” The Court ruled that Mann and his entities in fact do not own any of Michael Jackson’s intellectual property and should be permanently enjoined from unlawfully using Michael Jackson’s intellectual property in the future.

Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the Estate indicated that “The Court’s ruling means that a trial set for September 4, 2012 will involve how much in damages the Michael Jackson Estate is entitled to collect from Mann and his various entities.” The Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate are extremely pleased with the Court’s ruling which prevents Mann from continuing to unlawfully profit from Michael Jackson and his intellectual property.

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Executor is cool under Jackson family pressure

#4  Сообщение TAIS » 24 авг 2012, 09:14

LOS ANGELES — While family members squabble in public over Michael Jackson's money, John Branca, who holds the purse strings of the estate, is a calm center of the storm.

As co-executor of Jackson's will, he chooses to ignore the erupting dramas and personal attacks and keeps his eye on the future, which he says belongs to Jackson's mother and children and to the pop star's musical legacy.

He and co-executor John McClain have been successfully pursuing projects to pay off a mountain of debt left by the superstar, to assure the financial future of his three children and to guarantee that Jackson's music will live forever.

"When Michael Jackson died, he was near bankruptcy," said Branca, suggesting the future for his three young children was uncertain. "Now we know the kids will be OK."

Branca sat down recently with The Associated Press to discuss the current state of the Jackson estate and projects to preserve Jackson's image as the King of Pop. But he resolutely refused to address the elephant in the room — recent attacks on him and McClain by some Jackson siblings who were left out of their brother's will.

They sent a lengthy letter that became public accusing the executors of deceit and manipulation of their mother and claiming that Jackson's will was a fraud. They have not taken any court action and legal experts say the time to challenge the will, which disinherited them, is long past.

Branca and McClain issued a statement calling the accusations "false and defamatory," adding "we are especially disheartened that they come at a time when remarkable progress is being made to secure the financial future of his children ..."

Secure in his knowledge that all four of Jackson's wills named him as executor, Branca continues to make deals for the Jackson estate that are generating millions in revenue. This week, they announced an agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing to administer Jackson's Mijac Music catalog, which includes such hits as "Beat It" and "Billie Jean." The deal is expected to generate enough revenues to pay off a remaining $5 million loan by year's end.

Since his death on June 25, 2009, Branca said Jackson's personal debt of $200 million has been paid off and another $300 million tied to his ownership of Sony and ATV catalogs has been renegotiated.

"Michael had a will and a trust and that's what we follow," he said.

The estate pays Mrs. Jackson $70,000 a month for the children's support, pays the rent on their mansion in Calabasas, and is picking up bills for other expenses including renovation of their Encino home.

Branca's AP interview was his indirect response to accusations by Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie Jackson that the estate was being mishandled. Jermaine later disavowed the incendiary letter and called for peace in the family. But Janet, Randy and Rebbie fired back with a letter of their own reiterating their complaints.

Brimming with excitement, Branca spoke of upcoming ventures he thinks would have delighted Jackson, especially a permanent Jackson-themed extravaganza on the Las Vegas Strip. It comes on the heels of the Cirque du Soleil Jackson tribute show, "Immortal: The World Tour."

"The Lion King" theater at the Mandalay Bay Hotel is being rebuilt to house the still untitled show, also a Cirque du Soleil production, which is set to open May 23, 2013.

"It will be highly theatrical and completely different from the arena show, which was more of a concert," Branca said. "We will have the opportunity to create something special and ground-breaking."

Declining to reveal all of the technical wizardry planned, he said, "We've got all kinds of tricks up our sleeves."

Every seat will have its own speakers, while the walls and ceiling will be used to create "a totally immersive experience for the audience," he said.

Unlike the touring show, there will be no live band and all music will come from remixes of Jackson's recordings.

Branca and co-executor McClain, a reclusive recording executive, say they understand Jackson;s's desires to take care of his mother and children — Prince, Paris and Blanket — financially and keep his music alive.

"We feel Michael entrusted us with his legacy and with the future of his mother and children," Branca said. "We're honored and proud and passionate about celebrating Michael. It's a labor of love for us. We love Michael."

Branca met Jackson in 1980 when both were just starting out and their success story was legendary. But there were rocky periods. During more than two decades together they had two three-year periods of estrangement over business disagreements.

Branca was rehired by Jackson a month before he died, with instructions to draft an agenda for future business deals. Branca presented the plan a week before Jackson died and it has been the roadmap for the estate's posthumous enterprises.

In addition to the new Las Vegas show, a new album and a concert DVD will be released soon celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jackson's "BAD" album. And a two-hour documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee on the making of "BAD" will show at the Toronto and Venice film festivals next month.

The anniversary promotions include a deal with Pepsi to put silhouettes of Jackson on a billion cans of soda in 20 countries.
http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501368_162- ... -pressure/

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Michael Jackson's Estate/Эстейт Майкла Джексона

#5  Сообщение Trueamore » 05 сен 2012, 10:34


Michael Jackson's Estate Wins Copyright Battle Against Howard Mann

The Katherine Jackson business partner and all companies involved settle the copyright dispute case with the administrators of MJ's estate for $2.5 million.

It looks like everything is going right for Michael Jackson's estate. It was just August 31 of this year when the administrators of his estate settled a dispute with moviemaker John Landis and producer George Folsey Jr. Now, they reached settlement with Howard Mann in another copyright dispute.

The CEO of Vintage Pop Media, who's also Katherine Jackson's business partner, is now prohibited from using the King of Pop's materials which include unreleased songs, photographs, and even the book entitled "Never Can Say Goodbye" that was released in collaboration of Howard and Katherine.

The book is a 150-page recollection memorabilia of some sort written by the Jackson matriarch. The said book was discussed briefly in the contract signed by both parties, wherein Katherine was identified as the recipient and beneficiary party to the estate of the late pop icon.

Apart from the book, the federal judge also ordered Mann and his company to shut down their website, michaeljacksonsecretvault.com, as the said site violated copyrights that are controlled by the singer's estate. The said site has been closed since last month.

In a statement provided by estate lawyers Zia Modabber and Howard Weitzman, they are quoted as saying, "In light of the court's rulings for the estate on summary judgment, this settlement seems appropriate for all concerned."

The dispute was settled for $2.5 million. The terms of the settlement state that Vintage Pop Media is solely responsible for $2 million, while the other companies involved, all of which are under Vintage Associates LLC, are to settle the rest.

The late King of Pop, born Michael Joseph Jackson, has three children left under the care of his mother after his demise. She now shares a joint guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket with the 34-year-old son of Tito Jackson, TJ.

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Эстейт MJ:Концерт на стадионе Уэмбли-номер 1 по продажам

#6  Сообщение Admin » 27 окт 2012, 23:21

MJ Estate : Michael Jackson’s Wembley Concert is the No. 1 selling DVD in the world

Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary is drawing rave reviews from film critics and will air on ABC Thanksgiving night. Entertainment Weekly gave Bad 25 album an “A” calling it “a potent reminder of just how much Bad’s pulsing pop holds up.” Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour” was Pollstar’s top selling North American concert tour in the first six months of 2012, debuts this month in Europe and recently received Billboard’s Creative Content Award. And “This Is It” is the most successful concert film…EVER. The world loves Michael Jackson.

Rest assured that every action the Estate takes will continue to endeavor that fans experience exciting new projects that further build upon and enhance his incredible legacy as an artist and humanitarian, while securing the financial future of those he specifically named as his beneficiaries. Sadly the full potential of Michael’s legacy continues to be hindered by a small handful of people who recklessly spread false rumors and obsess over stale, internet-fueled conspiracy theories much as they did when Michael was alive. These rumors have long since been debunked and have no legal or factual foundation. This week, some of these baseless theories appeared yet again in an article in Vanity Fair in the form of an excerpt from a book written by Randall Sullivan that will rehash these tired theories. While we do not want or need to respond to all of the nonsense, we do want to remind everyone of at least a few truths.

The suggestion that John Branca or Howard Weitzman have a conflict of interest when it comes to AEG, and for that reason did not join Katherine Jackson in suing AEG, is not only false but reckless and noticeably unsupported by any facts. The Estate chose not to join in the lawsuit because it saw no evidence that AEG was culpable in Michael’s tragic passing. Eventually, should the case proceed to trial any decision on AEG’s liability will be decided by a jury. That said, the Executors are troubled by the unfortunate and distasteful information being brought out in those proceedings which could sully and damage Michael’s reputation and our memory of him. Another outrageously false claim is that Michael’s burial was delayed by any action of the Estate.

As for the Will filed in the Probate Court, let’s be clear: IT IS LEGALLY VALID, and the court properly appointed John Branca and John McClain as co-Executors. Those who wished to contest Michael’s wishes had every opportunity to challenge his Will. It should be noted that the 2002 will is consistent with Michael’s wishes as expressed in three prior wills. Sitting in the cheap seats and perpetuating tired cloak and dagger theories as Mr. Sullivan has done is not journalism, it’s gossip mongering for profit. Look no further than some of the sources Sullivan relied upon for much of the incorrect information he chose to include in this book.

Our commitment is and always has been to Michael’s legacy, his beneficiaries, his fans and to the spirit of an extraordinary artist and humanitarian who continues to touch the world.

the Estate of Michael Jackson


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Re: Разные интересные статьи

#7  Сообщение Liberian Girl » 21 авг 2013, 14:19

Tax disputes plague Michael Jackson estate

The estate of music legend Michael Jackson has been fighting the US Internal Revenue Service over taxes and penalties levied on the star's assets.


Michael Jackson's assets include the Neverland Ranch, his "image and likeness" and some recording properties, according to court documents.

The estate's challenge, filed in US Tax Court, does not disclose any dollar amounts, suggesting the differences in estate taxes paid and allegedly owed could be significant, said tax lawyers who reviewed the court filings on Tuesday.

The dispute centres on the value of estate assets at the time of Jackson's death on June 25 2009. Some assets, such as the star's image and likeness, are extremely difficult to value for tax purposes.

Under tax law, the penalties associated with the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) allegations could be as high as 40% of the difference between the taxes paid and those allegedly owed for some of the items.

Though dollar amounts in the documents are redacted, the IRS's deficiency notice said the tax agency levied penalties on the value of Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC, which includes the Neverland Ranch, according to the court filings.

The IRS issued to the estate a tax deficiency notice in May and the estate filed its challenge in Tax Court on July 26. The IRS has 60 days to respond to the Tax Court challenge.

Estate 'on a clear collision course'

Negotiators for the IRS and the estate have held meetings for more than a year to try to resolve the valuation differences, said Charles Rettig, one of the lawyers representing the Jackson estate. He declined to say how much in taxes and penalties are in dispute.

"The government believes estates of celebrities likely have a significant audit potential," Rettig said on Tuesday. "The estate believes the estate tax return properly reflected the interests of Mr Jackson as of the date of his death."

An IRS spokesperson declined to comment.

Under Tax Court rules, the Jackson estate will not need to pay any taxes or penalties unless the court rules for the IRS.

Jackson died at age 50 from an overdose of the surgical anaesthetic propofol while rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts in London.

"The Michael Jackson estate was on a clear collision course with the Tax Court," said Bridget Crawford, a tax professor at Pace Law School, who reviewed the Tax Court filings. – Reuters
Я готова верить, но надо знать во что!

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

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U.S. agency says Michael Jackson estate owes $702 million in taxes
Американские власти утверждают, что эстейт Майкла Джексона должен 702 млн долларов налогов

By Patrick Temple-West
WASHINGTON | Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:15pm EDT

(Reuters) - The estate of pop music legend Michael Jackson owes $702 million in federal taxes and penalties, the Internal Revenue Service charged in U.S. Tax Court, accusing the estate of undervaluing some of the star's assets by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The dollar amounts in dispute had not been previously disclosed in the court challenge that the Jackson estate filed in July to a bill from the IRS, the U.S. tax-collecting agency.

At issue is the wide difference between what the estate said Jackson's legacy was worth versus what the IRS determined was its taxable value.

An IRS spokesman and lawyers for the estate declined to comment.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, the date of the estate tax return. His estate's beneficiaries are Jackson's mother, Katherine, his three children and charities.

The estate's 2009 tax filing said the total Jackson estate had a $7 million taxable value. In May, the IRS issued the estate a tax deficiency notice for $505.1 million in taxes and $196.9 million in penalties, according to Tax Court documents dated Tuesday.

Jackson's image and likeness were valued by the IRS at $434 million. The estate said its taxable value was $2,105.

The largest taxable item was the estate's stake in some of Jackson's recording assets, listed as MJ/ATV Publishing Trust interest in New Horizon Trust II, which was valued at $469 million by IRS. It was not valued in the 2009 estate filing.

The IRS's alleged tax deficiency also includes some items that were overvalued by the estate.

A Jackson estate spokesman said the IRS's appraisal values "were based on speculative and erroneous assumptions unsupported by the facts or law." The Jackson estate has paid $100 million in taxes, he said on Friday.

Under Tax Court rules, the Jackson estate will not need to pay any taxes or penalties unless the court rules in favor of the IRS.

Jackson died at age 50 from an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol while rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts in London.

(Reporting by Patrick Temple-West; Editing by Kim Dixon, Howard Goller and Bill Trott)

http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/ ... YN20130823

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

#9  Сообщение Admin » 24 авг 2013, 10:58

Why The $702 Million IRS Tax Claim On Michael Jackson's Estate Won't Stand Up
Почему 702 миллиона, предъявленные эстейту Майкла Джексона, кажутся неправдоподобными

Michael Jackson has earned over half a billion dollars since his death–and now Uncle Sam wants a piece of the action.

Earlier today reports surfaced saying that the IRS is hitting Jackson’s estate with a $702 million bill, including $505.1 million in taxes and $196.9 million in penalties.

The estate will not be forced to pay any penalties unless the court rules in favor of the IRS, but those in charge of Jackson’s empire were nonetheless displeased with the news.

“The executors are disappointed the IRS continues to overreach in this matter but firmly believes all issues will be resolved in favor of the estate and the beneficiaries,” said attorney Howard Weitzman in a statement, which also noted that the estate has paid over $100 million in taxes and is “in full compliance with the tax laws.”

An IRS spokesperson declined to comment, citing Section 6103 of the tax code, which prevents the organization from discussing individual tax situations.

So will the estate actually end up having to fork over $702 million to Uncle Sam? It seems unlikely for a number of reasons, and the proverbial devil is in the details.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the IRS’s claims are related to estate tax, not income tax. In 2009, the year Jackson passed away, the maximum federal rate was 45% of net assets–implying that the IRS believes Jackson was worth in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion at the time of his death.

Though the King of Pop was a much savvier businessman than most people realize and amassed an incredible collection of assets throughout his career, he was most certainly not a billionaire on June 25th, 2009. He did not appear on FORBES’ list of billionaires that year, or any other year, for that matter.

Jackson did hold hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, namely his 50% share in the Sony SNE +2.54%/ATV catalogue, which industry experts believed to be worth as much as $750 million at the time (and is worth far more now). There were other entities, too, including his Mijac music catalogue, real estate and a massive art collection.

But Jackson also carried nearly half a billion dollars in debt, meaning that his net assets were well under $1 billion–and likely less than the $702 million tax bill proposed today. The reports also suggest that a major component of the IRS bill revolves around the value of Jackson’s image and likeness. The tax agency is said to have put that number at $434 million, while the estate valued the rights at $2,105.

Though the latter seems very low, the former seems incredibly high–at the time of Jackson’s death, anyway–given the fact that the singer hadn’t scored an endorsement deal since 1993 and didn’t crack FORBES’ list of top-earning musicians in 2008, a year in which the Police earned $115 million to claim the top spot.

To be sure, the value of just about everything Jackson-related has skyrocketed in the years following his death. His image is once again a force to be reckoned with in the endorsement world, landing on everything from Pepsi cans to slot machines. Two Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil tours are currently running–Michael Jackson One in Las Vegas and the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour around the globe–and his music seems as popular as ever.

But estate taxes are levied on the value of assets at the time of death, not at the time the tax bill is issued or announced. And as a result, it seems unlikely that the tax court will rule in favor of the IRS getting its $702 million.

Of course, the whole issue would have been moot had Jackson died a year later: due to a legal quirk, there was no estate tax in 2010.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalley ... -stand-up/

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Re: Разные интересные статьи

#10  Сообщение TMJ » 27 авг 2013, 08:40


Министерство по налогам США: Майкл Джексон должен бюджету 702 млн долларов

Министерство по налогам США объявило, что душеприказчики Майкла Джексона должны бюджету 702 млн долларов. Это как налоги, так и пени. По мнению налоговиков, управляющие капиталами покойной звезды сознательно занизили стоимость множества активов на сотни миллионов долларов.

В частности, по оценке душеприказчиков, капитализация внешнего облика Джексона составляет 2105 долларов, в то время как налоговики оценили его в 434 миллиона долларов. В свою очередь, активы, включающие музыкальные записи покойного исполнителя, налоговики оценили в 469 млн долларов. В налоговой декларации 2009 года (которая должна была быть подана ровно в тот день, когда Майкл Джексон умер, - 25 июля 2009 года) эти активы вообще не упоминаются.

В результате налоговое ведомство насчитало душеприказчикам Джексона налогов на 505,1 млн долларов, плюс 196,9 млн пеней.

Представители наследников Майкла Джексона назвали утверждения налоговиков "основанными на спекулятивных и ошибочных оценках, которые не соответствуют ни фактам, ни закону". Теперь впереди судебное разбирательство.

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