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Новости прессы, связанные с Майклом Джексоном и хоаксом./All the latest news related to Michael Jackson and the hoax.

Каталог Майкла Джексона,стоимостью 160млн евро украден!

Re: Каталог Майкла Джексона,стоимостью 160млн евро украден!

#11  Сообщение Hista » 07 мар 2012, 21:15

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-03-06/s ... al/3870736


Smooth criminals accused of stealing Jackson tracks
A large number of Michael Jackson music files have allegedly been stolen from Sony Music by computer hackers, sources familiar with the case have confirmed.
Sony Music signed a deal with Jackson's estate in 2010, the year after the singer's death, to release 10 albums covering previously unreleased material and his back catalogue.
The value of the agreement was widely reported to be around $US250 million, making it one of the biggest in history.
But sources close to the record label have disputed the figure, calling it pure speculation.
Last Friday, two men appeared in a British court accused of offences connected with the alleged Sony security breach.
They were arrested last May and charged in September.
James Marks and James McCormick denied the charges under the Computer Misuse Act and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act at Leicester Crown Court.
According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, they were remanded on bail and are due to stand trial in January next year.
Sony Music issued a brief statement after the hearing.
"We confirmed the breach last May and immediately took steps to secure the site and notify authorities," the company said.
"As a result, the two suspects were arrested.

"There was no consumer data involved in the incident."

British media reports that tens of thousands of files, most of them by Jackson, were allegedly downloaded illegally.

Files can vary from entire tracks to small snippets of music.

icon_confused что- то желтенькое про каталог

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Re: Каталог Майкла Джексона,стоимостью 160млн евро украден!

#12  Сообщение Admin » 13 янв 2013, 01:52

Hackers sentenced for Michael Jackson music theft

A British court sentenced two hackers to 100 hours of community service on Friday for stealing a treasure trove of unreleased music -- including Michael Jackson tracks -- from the U.S. servers of Sony Music Entertainment.

Officials said that music aficionados James Marks, 27, and James McCormick, 26, used their home computers to access Sony's servers and scour them for Jackson-related material. The pair downloaded nearly 8,000 files, including completed or partial tracks, artwork, and videos relating to Jackson and other unspecified Sony artists.

The precise nature of the unreleased material hasn't been made clear - Sony refused to comment on the case. A statement from Britain's Serious and Organized Crime Agency identified some of the material as stems, which are audio tracks that can be used in mixes and overdubs.

Marks and McCormick -- who met online -- were arrested in May 2011 after Sony alerted U.K. law enforcement to the breach. Chat logs recovered from their computers showed that they planned to sell or trade some of the files.

The theft could have been damaging for Sony had the music been released to the Web. The company has a seven-year deal, worth up to $250 million, to sell unreleased recordings by Jackson, who died in 2009 at the age of 50.

Marks and McCormick initially pleaded their innocence in public, releasing a statement saying that they "would never do anything to harm the legacy that is Michael Jackson's music." But the pair later pleaded guilty to two counts of "unauthorized access to computer material" in September.

Their community service order was handed down at central England's Leicester Crown Court on Friday.

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http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-575 ... sic-theft/

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