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Taryll Jackson/Тэрилл Джексон

Taryll Jackson/Тэрилл Джексон

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What Michael Jackson Told His Nephew About Fame
Что Майкл Джексон рассказал своему племяннику о славе

Taryll Jackson opens up about a phone call he once received from his uncle.

Growing up as a member of the Jackson family wasn’t easy for Taryll Jackson, who often saw both the blessings and difficulties that come with having a famous last name. Before his uncle Michael Jackson died in 2009, Taryll says the two actually had a phone conversation that made Taryll even more wary of the pressures of being a Jackson.
Taryll, son of Tito, opens up about his experience and his relationship with Michael on this weekend’s upcoming “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” Referring to Michael’s own public hardships, Iyanla confirms with Taryll how much he struggles with being a part of the famous family.
“What he went through was hard,” Iyanla says of Michael. “And there was a part of you that didn’t want to that. Would that be accurate?”
Taryll nods and then reveals how a phone conversation with his uncle fostered that perspective.
“He just reminded me to stop and look around and appreciate what’s going on around, because ‘up here’ is crazy. And sometimes it’s better ‘down there,’” Taryll recalls Michael saying. “That, I think, changed things a little bit for me.”

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